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Much to appreciate about 2013 and much more to look forward to in 2014. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

Performance at Kitty Hawk, NC

FMA was present at the 110th Anniversary of Powered Flight at Kitty Hawk, NC thanks to the First Flight Society. Thanks to Bose for speakers and Sennheiser for microphones… they sounded awesome!

Article About FMA at Global Air

Cool article at Global Air -

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. Renews Corporate Membership


Aircraft Spruce is showing support for the Flying Musicians Association by renewing their corporate membership. Like other companies in the aviation industry, they appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and growth that non profits like FMA contribute to the industry.  Read more….

Aircraft Spruce

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New Sponsor

AvMap has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Read all about their support for FMA here.


Pilot Shortage Looming on the Horizon

That’s right, the airlines will be facing a huge shortage of pilots in the very near future.  Want to find out how to go about positioning yourself to a fulfilling career as a pilot?

A Flying Musician Who is Way Out There

Awesome!!! Watch the video

Are you attending? We are! Read more…

Coming out of the closet!

Pilots who are musicians are sometimes hesitant to admit it. Are musicians who are pilots as hesitant? If you dream of flying the best way to see that dream come true is to admit it and talk about it. Who out there has a passion for music and aviation?